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The Porretta Terme Spa

Relaxation, nature, tranquility and physical wellbeing – on holiday at the Porretta Terme Spa

The actual origins of the small town of Porretta are attributed to the healing power of its precious  beneficial  waters. According to a medieval legend,  a sick ox that escaped from its owner went to drink at a spring and returned home in full health, thus proving  the therapeutic power of the natural springs.

In reality, the discovery of remains have in fact shown that this place was well-known for the preciousness of its spa waters from as early as Etruscan and Roman times.

The waters

From the various springs at the Porretta Terme Spa gush out waters rich in minerals with enormous health benefits.  These waters can be divided into two categories:
  • Salso bromo iodic waters.   These gush forth from the upper part of the town and their composition is somewhat similar to seawater,  in that they contain sodium chloride, sodium, bromine and iodine.
  • Sulphurous waters. These are rich in sulphuretted hydrogen, highly appreciated for combating allergies and problems connected with the respiratory system.


For the preciousness of its thermal springs, the Porretta Terme Spa has been given a Level 1 Super classification by the Emilia Romagna Regional Council.


The wealth of minerals dissolved in the Porretta Terme Spa waters makes it possible to respond to a multitude of needs and to meet the expectations of all those here on a wellness holiday.

Treatment available includes:

  • Respiratory  therapy (aerosol, inhalations, nasal showers, pulmonary ventilation, breathing exercises, postural drainage)
  • Rhinogenic deafness therapy (sulphurous waters are excellent for this, since they reduce inflammation in the middle ear and help prevent any recurrence)
  • Osteoarticular system therapy (mud with cleansing shower, therapeutic  mud bath, ozonized hydro massage, motor rehabilitation, etc.)
  • Rehabilitation therapy (salso bromo iodic thermal pool therapy is ideal for motor, neurological and respiratory  rehabilitation.  In this direction, important research has been carried out in collaboration with the Rizzoli Orthopaedic  Institute in Bologna)
  • Gastroenterological disease therapy (the waters are taken as a drink and highly benefit  regulation of the bowel)   
  • Vascular disease treatment (lymphatic drainage massage therapy, pressotherapy, water gym, electro-stimulation)
  • Skin disease treatment  (sulphur  baths, salso bromo iodic baths, solarium, motor rehabilitation, etc.)
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